Forward your OpenTechSchool Email to another account

Yay, you got your official OTS-Email Account. But crap, yet another account to check for emails. Well, following this handy guide, you can have all emails going to your OTS account be forwarded to any account and send from that account, too.

** Step 1**: forwarding all emails

  1. Log in into your opentechschool gmail account.
  2. go into the settings (click the cog on the top right -> settings)
  3. in the tab “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” click on “Add forwarding Address”
  4. enter the email-address these should forward to and press next and confirm the address

This will send an email to that account, containing a verification code. Either click on the link on that email or enter the verification code from that email in your settings.

Great you know have a “forward” email set up and by setting it proper in the settings, all email is forwarded to that email now. For that switch it from “disabled” to “enabled” or create a filter to just forward certain emails

Step 2 Sending from the other account

This explains the behaviour from another gmail account, but any provider should have such a feature.

In your settings of the target account, you find a tab called “Accounts” or “Accounts and Imports”. Click here on “add another address that you own” and follow the guide. Usually, this is not an alias:

This again will send you an email to verify the ownership. If you’ve successfully done Step 1 this email should actually show up in this very account.

Once this is done, I highly recommend switching on “Reply from the same email address” if that isn’t checked yet. It ensures that whatever email something came into is also the outgoing default email address. Very important for Mailinglists and other tools like discousre:



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