Where should the first newsletter go?

The first edition of our newsletter is coming up. Since its stated purpose is to connect the various distributed local chapters, there are a couple of ideas to increase its reach.

We have the unique possibility to send email to every person with an opentechschool.org address. Should we peruse this option and push our first newsletter through this channel? Please note that this is in addition, not replacing, a blog post and social media.

  • Send sign-up form to everyone.
  • Send first, and only first, edition of the newsletter to everyone.
  • Subscribe everyone to the newsletter by default.
  • Do nothing.

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Subscribing is as easy as entering your email into a sign-up form and confirming a welcome email (double opt-in.) Unsubscribing is as easy as clicking a link at the bottom of the mailing.

Cc the rest of team.newsletter@: @coderinheels @anaketa @anouk

The same question applies to discuss.global@.

I’d vote (3) again, but with an email send prior to the ML. Essentially explaining the closing of the ML and moving them over to the Newsletter. If they do not want that, they should unsubscribe from the ML immediately – giving them 24or 48h is enough imho. And at that point you can just export and import.

If no one else is willing to do that, I am happy to write and send that email and do the import.

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I agree with @ben on number 3, assuming the list imported is cleaned prior (as he suggested). What we don’t want to find is the OpenTechSchool Mailchimp account banned because a lot of people clicked on the Unsubscribe link, on the very first newsletter!

Also, are the only email addresses we are importing OpenTechSchool.org email addresses? Am I right in saying that only organisers have OpenTechSchool.org email addresses? What about the OTS attendees and coaches from each chapter? I think we discussed this during the 1st Conf call - that the newsletter is for everyone involved in OTS (organiser, coach or attendee).

For London, I think we have some email addresses for attendees and coaches (but only because some venues required them). We can do the same exercise of telling them that we will be adding everyone to the newsletter mailing list, and they should let us know if they want to be removed prior to the list being imported.