Future Workshops in Creative Coding

Hey guys. I’m new in Berlin, and attended the OTS drinks last Thursday. I’ve been studying and teaching Creative Coding in London for the last few years, and would like to help out organizing some workshops in creative coding for OTS. Hopefully this is the correct place to make such a post! Some potential topics are:

  • Processing. This is a programming language built upon Java, used by many creative artists for visual-based artworks. I believe this is a great way for students to learn programming (for creative students) as it has its own IDE, great examples, and a vibrant community for feedback on code, and forum to ask questions. There is also an Android mode so Processing sketches can be easily ran on physical devices, and a Javascript port which facilitates processing within web browsers.
  • openFrameworks. This is a library built upon C++, offering similar functional to Processing, but obviously more efficient etc. It is more geared to intermediate students (in my opinion) as it requires an external IDE (Xcode, Codeblocks, Eclipse, or Visual Studio), and isn’t as well documented. There is a vastly growing community though, and in fact workshops in openFrameworks are a sought-after commodity in London. One of openFrameworks main benefits is that apps for iOS can be easily created in C++. Cinder is a similar library, but more geared towards computer visuals.
  • Max/MSP. Max is a graphical programming language, predominately used by electronic musicians. It is proprietary software (a 30-day demo exists), and is Mac/Windows only. There is, however, fantastic tutorial and help resources, and a vibrant community which share code, and a runtime application which allows code to be ran, but not edited. Pure Data is an open-source equivalent, but is horribly documented, and not as user friendly. It is, however, easily embedded within iOS and Android. Max is taught on most Music Computing courses that I know of.
  • Arduino. Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping language, using a modified IDE of Processing, and similar functions to Processing. Makey-Makey is similar, but requires no code, just alligator clips, and is super fun to use. That would be really fun for a school-based workshop I feel, check out this [video][13]!

Not too sure if there is much demand for creative programming here in Berlin (it was become insanely popular in London over the last few years), however there already seems to be some Arduino code on OTS github, and Duana mentioned that there was a Processing lecture before (and the Fun Programming online resources).

Let me know what ye think. Looking forward to meeting ye at future OTS events!


EDIT: As I am a new user I was only allowed to add two links ;( Message me or reply here if you have any questions on these programs.

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Hi James,

cool that you’re so interested in helping out!
we have had an arduino workshop which Alessandro led and we do have regular monthly meet ups called Processing Code Jam which you can see more about on the OTS meetup page, though summer was a bit slow. last one was this:

im out of town until dec.1., but still helping plan events. we’re planning two upcoming ones, a creative coding stammtisch and another processing code jam which will be announced soon. can post a link here when its out but you should definitely try and attend those and meet the other organisers (Ramin,Raphael) and find out from them where you might help out! if you have other questions let me know. you can also email me: rachel@opentechschool.org

kind regards,rachel

hi James,

next event is Friday: http://www.meetup.com/opentechschool-berlin/events/144010362/

its a code show and tell-- if youre able to show up and present some projects- - i think thats usually how people start to get involved:)


Thanks for the info Rachel, looking forward to them! James

Hi! i’m a visiual art student orientated to multimedia i just graduate in school they teach me a little of everything arduino, max/msp,processing ,web programming ,unity3d ,maya ,electronics ,xcode , android, projection mapping, sound design i comming to berlin this summer and i’m really interested to learn more. In school they don’t teach me openFrameworks, cinder or something writen in c++ i really what to learn, do you have any of these course in the future or someone knows where can i learn this ? thanks!

Greetings from mexico!

(although I see this topic started last October, perhaps you guys are still around and interested.)

Hi James, Rachel, Jorge,

Similar to Jorge, I studied visual arts in multimedia including arduino, max/msp, and processing.

I will be in Berlin from July-September '14 for Hackership Batch-1, and would be interested in attending talks based on creative coding or perhaps doing some collaboration.

Hello from the USA.


hi Stephen,

we currently organise two monthly meetings-- creative code jam and stammtisch- which you can find on the OTS meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/opentechschool-berlin/

im also starting an art&tech school called School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe and already spoke with hackership team about maybe doing some get together type things with both groups. right now im hoping we can do the creative code stammtisch together but waiting to hear about available dates at a local space. will keep ya posted:)


I saw the School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe and nearly applied! However, I decided the 3 month format of Hackership was better for my learning goals.

I hope we can definitely get the groups together at some point.

I will keep an eye out for the groups on Meetup.



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