New landing page proposal

Currently our learning materials are either accessible from the Learning Materials page which is not prominently featured on the site, but findable, and also on the python overview.

I primarily disliked the layout of the python overview, because the materials weren’t immediately and clearly presented, and you had to read down a lot of vertical space to get to them. I thought it could be easier for someone new to OTS to immediately skip to and find the workshop material they were interested in.

I thought this could be easily remedied by using a grid layout of our projects, but also that such a layout can easily afford all of our workshops, and not just those for python.

So, I went about implementing such a new landing page, which you can currently view here.

OTS-Materials [source]

It’s implemented using Gumby, Compass and Jekyll, which make use of node.js and ruby.

I think it provides a much clearer overview of what we currently have to offer. New materials can be specified easily in the jekyll _config.yml config file as yaml entries, and then the page recompiled.

I propose to upload this on OTS’ github, and link it to a subdomain under such as materials, learning, or workshops. Let me know what you think


Very clean layout and good call on that.

For the subdomain I think we need to consult @ben. The rest (move your repo to OTS) should be doable by you.

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:heart: it!

You just let me know once it is transferred and which subdomain you prefer and I can configure this with our DNS. Thanks for this great work, @matthew !

I think ‘learn’ is a good subdomain. I was thinking about ‘workshops’, ‘materials’, ‘tutorials’ but they are all longer and possibly very specific. ‘learn dot opentechschool dot org’ is easy to communicate, short, and indicates what you’re coming to the page to do.


If anyone thinks any of the wording could be improved feel free to say so, or send a pull request; or if you have any problems hacking on it let me know.

edit: landed! thanks @ben

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