Open Co-Learning + OTS website relaunch

End of last year we start working on the new version of our website and is time to keep on and go live with it!! :sparkles:

What about we do another session Open co-learning, usually Saturday aftrenoon, since it was so successful, and in the mean time bring as much coaches/organizer/expert we can to help out working on website relaunch tasks?

If we have a specifics goals, we can manage to do a lot!
Iā€™m currently working on website foundation so we shoudl have all the basic elements ready.
It will be mostly a metter of glue pieces together :slight_smile: (widgets, maps, ā€¦)

Would be very cool if we can create a Vagrant file before, so people can easily work on the website without losing to much time installing stuff.
Otherwise we just clearly state what you must have already installed in order to work onthe website.

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@TeamBerlin we need your help to make the new OTS website actually happening!
Please, consider donate some time for it :slight_smile:

Where can I find the new website and the open co-learning?

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Here is the repo for the new website:

Open co-learning is to be organized if there is enough people willing to come

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