OpenTechSchool and the Berlin Geekettes Hackathon

Berlin Geekettes Hackathon

You know that at OpenTechSchool we have always been supportive of women in tech, being glad that half of our learners are women, proud to have amazing female role models among our coaches and dedicated to building a safe learning environment where both women and men can feel welcome.

So it was only natural for us to offer to help at the Berlin Geekettes Hackathon. We will be organising one of our hands-on workshops on the 1st March, the evening prior to the hackathon. The topic? Anything the participants will have asked to get trained on, so that they can get hacking over the week-end!

Now here is how you can participate too. Two options:

  • you are one of our (female) learners? Apply to the Berlin Geekettes Hackathon! You think you are not ready? We think you are! It’s never too early to get hacking and we will be there to support you the whole week-end,
  • you are one of our coaches? Sign up as a domain expert and support the hackers during the training session and the hackathon on that favorite technology, language or domain of yours (be it mobile dev, JS, hardware hacking or design).

We hope to see many of you there and are looking forward to your awesome hacks!

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