OpenTechSchool Ljubljana

We’re trying to get a bi-weekly Co-Learning event running in Ljubljana!

About OpenTechSchool

OpenTechSchool is a global community of volunteer event organizers, coaches and learners who organize meetups around learning technology skills (like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, CSS, Git, SQL, you name it). We are much inspired by RailsGirls and collaborate with them. We do this for fun (nobody gets paid), to make our community more diverse, for the love of technology, and to improve our own skills in a friendly environment. Common event formats are workshops with a certain topic (e.g. Learn Programming with Python) and Co-Learnings, where we just hang out together, work and learn and help each other.

Getting Started

The idea came up when talking to Maša from Ziferblat Ljubljana which would be a perfect space for this kind of event.

We’re looking for people that want to co-organize and host a regular Co-Learning event and also people to coach (help others learning) and just participate. If you are interested in this in any way, have questions or comments, please just comment in this thread. And please spread the word!

Proposed schedule is every second Thursday 7pm starting 17 November but that’s up to the future organizers to decide.

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