New Swift Co-Learning / Co-Coding Meetup

Hi OpenTechSchool,

my name is Anthony Sherrill and I’m organising a Co-Learning & Co-Coding Swift Meetup, where participants can present there current project, and for example ask for help with a specific problem.

Someone told me about OpenTechGroup and it’s looks like your are the perfect organisation to contact. :smiley:

Would be awesome if OpenTechSchool could help to get this started.

The Name of the Meetup-Group is: Swift Dev Ninjas and we also have a Slack-Chat

It’s my first Meetup group so I’m pretty rookie, please let me know if I miss to share any essential informations.

Looking forward to read from you.



Hi Anthony,

this is great! We are very happy to help. Would you like this to be an official event of the OpenTechSchool and join our community or do you just want some support from us? In any case, the best would be you visit one of our Co-Learning events, see how we do this and talk to the organizers there. If you’d like to join the OpenTechSchool and make your event a Co-Learning in our group, we’d try to find someone in our community to join you as an organizer and we’re good to go.