OTS Workshop @Ada Lovelace Festival

From the organisers of Ada Lovelace Festival:

Dear OpenTechSchool Team,
I would like to invite you as workshop host to this year’s Ada Lovelace Festival (www.ada-lovelace-festival.com) on 11 and 12 October 2018 in Berlin. The Ada Lovelace Festival provides a unique platform for IT and Tech professionals, featuring the latest industry trends, research results and success stories of women in IT. These two days will be full of knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences, inspiration and mentoring with more than 300 female participants. You can find further information in the attached festival teaser.

I would like to offer my participants a Python or JavaScript programming course this year. Since we only have a 90-minute workshop slot available, the aim is not to ensure that the participants are fully proficient in the programming language at the end of the course. It should be more of a teaser to arouse the desire of ladies, who have no programming experience so far, to deal with it afterwards more or to give those, who already have experience, further tips on the way. I would be happy to discuss this on the phone if you have the time and are interested to be part of the festival. Two years ago we had a similar workshop “From zero to one: an introduction to programming in Python and Machine Learning”, which was very popular, so I would like to put it back on the agenda this year.

So if someone here of you would be interested to know more and organise a workshop at the festival,
please get in contact with me so i can put you in contact with them.
~ Gio