Tech Presentation Skills workshop in Berlin

Together with Duana at the Learners Meetup we have already started collecting signups for a Tech Presentation Skills workshop and we will further introduce the concept at the next Learners Meetup on December 4th.

Could you please let me know what information you need in order to setup a possible date and time and get organized with a venue? It would be great if we could announce an exact date and venue by end of the month.

I am at your disposal for any further information.


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Our usual workshop location is co-up. You can check here for available dates:
(Keep in mind they have 2 floors, so can host 2 events at the same time in most cases)

If you find a suitable date, just post it here and we can arrange the space. If you cannot find a good date, there are other space options, too, but these require more effort to arrange.

Ellen, thanks so much for getting back to me. It seems that on the 15th of December the 3rd floor is free. We could arrange for that day at 19:00. What do you think?

We have the Python co-learning group running on that Monday. Generally, we try to avoid scheduling two OTS events on the same date in order not to create conflicts of interest. Would Tuesday 16th also work?

Hi Ellen, Tuesday 16th is also fine!

We also need other coaches to be present and ensure the material fits in with OTS values. Are there any OTS members who would like to be co-organizers?

@matteoc and @starkcoffee Did the workshop ever take place? Do you have slides for people who missed it? I want to improve my presentation skills.

Hey @bettina a talk was held at the learners meetup and it went along the lines of this article.

Hope that helps. Email me if you want more.

Thanks @matteoc