Python for Beginners Workshop

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I’ve recently discovered some cool themes are around for sphinx. is developing a new theme which looks pretty cool, I chucked a demo of it up on my server. But it’s still in flux and frequent development, so I think it’d be prudent not to switch to it yet.

There’s also a customizable Sphinx Bootstrap theme. I customized it a bit to look like this. The menu at the top is pretty neat. Would you guys like to switch to that? I think I can see that the people doing Fossie will be teaching this soon?

Also, there’s some translation still going on for the tutorial at transifex! The english tutorial has been updated quite a bit since it was last translated for german, so if you know an extra language or two please don’t hesitate to make an account and help out if you have any free time! (If you do, check out the announcement I made there before you get started).


Just added new Korean & Russian translations (both 3/4 done) and updated to a new bootstrap theme that @robert integrated!

Looks good!


It is also now conveniently available through or, if you like living on the edge, (thanks to Read the Docs.)

As a minor sidenote, all contributors (ie., Git authors) are now automatically listed on the Licensing page. If you wish to be displayed differently from your Git credentials, feel free to use the .mailmap file.

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