Python Workshop #2: Everybody's Tweeting

This was the first evening tutorial for the OpenTechSchool Python Beginners program. We had a great turnout, lots of beginners from all sorts of backgrounds coming to learn how to search Twitter using Python.

Amelie kicks things off

This was very much a data-centric tutorial, with most of the evening being dedicated to learning the ins and outs of Python lists and dictionaries. The Twitter Search API showed itself to be particular good as an example service, being both easy-to-use and quite popular.

Sometimes, though, the data coming back was a little difficult to read:

JSON madness

But with help from our new favourite module, pprint, we managed to make a little sense out of it all.

JSON madness

If you would like to try the tutorial yourself then the tutorial is available online here.

OpenTechSchool would like to thank everyone for coming along: the beginners and coaches and organisers and everybody else. A special big thank you to Co.Up for hosting us in their event space. If you want to keep in touch then you can follow OpenTechSchool on Twitter or Facebook and join us in our Meetup group. We look forward to seeing you next time!

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