Running Introduction to Data Processing with Python online

Pyladies Australia is just getting started and there are women from all around Australia who have expressed interest in having workshops, and I thought I’d see if I could manage to run one online so people from remote locations could attend.

I’ve chosen Introduction to Data Processing with Python as the one to try, because I thought it might be easier to do remotely than the Python for Beginners and I’ve been a coach for it at KiwiPyCon so I’ve seen how it works in a workshop. We’ve had a small group (about 6) express interest so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m thinking of setting up a Google+ Community and letting the participants tell me whether they want to try to have any hangouts together or just work through the material in their own time, supported through the G+. It will depend on how hard it is to find a time that everyone who wants to work at the same time is available I think.

Has anyone else tried coaching OpenTechSchool material remotely? Any suggestions?



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