Save the Date: 06th July 2018 - 5 years OTS party

This year OpenTechSchool turn 5 years old and we want to celebrate with all of you that made all of this possible, donating your free time to grow with us!
We are organising a party all dedicated to you, our community.
There will be food, drinks, music and nice people.
We will give more informations later on but for the moment save the date, buy ticket, invite friends!

We are planning a remote call for all our beloved chapters that unfortunately will not be able to celebrate in person with us but are still happy to share their story and experience, so please if you are one of these, get in contact with us either replaying here or writing to me personally:

But most important information are:

When: Friday 6th July
Where: Spektrum - Schönleinstrasse u8
What time: From 7pm to 1am

Come and help us celebrate the most important part of OpenTechSchool: you!

I would like to tag some.of the core people of OpenTechachool to be sure they are aware of it.
And also all our other chapters
@ben @stefanhoth @amelie @robert @starkcoffee @ellen @beatrice @rachel @cntlsn @ale @steven
(add more if i forgot someone :wink: )

@TeamAustralia @TeamHamburg @TeamLondon @TeamMilan @TeamRomagna @TeamDortmund

Thanks @anaketa for your dedication to make this celebration happen! :smile:

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There are a few chances that I will come to Berlin for the first weekend in July…

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