3rd August Organizers Meetups @ Holzmarkt

I propose to re-introduce our organiser meetup.
We used to have one a week a breakfast together and it was great for all the coordination.
We then stop since we become stronger and each group could manage their own events without the need of so much interaction and also because we are all very busy and it was a lot of effort to keep a meeting every week.

I would like to re-introduce this with a slight different purpose: Being more open to possible new organizers.
And also don’t lose the nice connections between current organiser.

I propose to do a by-monthly evening.
I know we have the OTS dinner but i found a bit scary as new comers to show up there.
I think a more casual evening drinks would be perfect for welcome new people willing to donate their time to OTS.

If that sounds good to everybody, I propose the Thursday 3 August as first organiser evening.
If the weather is good, we can just meet in a park :slight_smile:

p.s. maybe we can find a name that is more including for people just interested on being part of OTS



Thanks so much for planning this - August 3rd works for me!

Looking forward to meeting everyone & let’s see how we can collaborate together & bring OTS to the next level!



I’m in!


Cool! then i will create a meetup event and will try to find a quite but informal location :slight_smile:
If anyone as an idea, please let me know!

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Here it is:

3rd of August - in the park.
Please check the meetup page in case of rain.

See you there :slight_smile:

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Thanks to a nice collaboration with The Kollektiv we move the meetup at the amazing location of Holzmarkt!
Please check the meetup event for the correct address, time and more details

See you there :wink:

Nice! Please, everyone at @TeamBerlin share this event, also with your event participants!


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To be sure, i write here as well the new location and time:

We meet now in Holzmarktstraße 19-30, 10243 Berlin at 19.30

See you there!