Social Media Management: Pay for one?

In order to be more proficent on social network and to make our work easy, i think we should use one of those social media managment tool.
So we can easily create posts and share to all our platforms.
And we can also plan future posts.

Most of this tools are not free if you want to have different platform and if you want to share with more then one team members.
So i’m wondering if we would be able to pay for any of this tool.

Here are two that are pretty good and their pricing list:

What do you think? @Foundation @ben @mamhoff @chiara (just ping some people that probably have something to say about it… )

I’d say if we expect a noticeable outcome of using a paid tool (e.g. much better outreach with less work) we can pay for it. That’s exactly what we do with, too.

Also note that both, Buffer and Hootsuite offer 50% discounts for non-profits, bringing the costs down to I think $5 each.

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Thanks @robert! i didn’t notice this.
I think i’m onna try one of the two as private user, if they work good, we can go on and take this discount.