Evaluation of Slack

(Follow-up from Community Call #15.4)

We have been experimenting with Slack for the last three months and I thought it’d be worthwhile to share some statistics with you:

  • ~700 messages
  • overall activity seems steady, with some spikes for events

Just as a reminder, we are currently on the Standard plan, granted through their charity program. It’s like the Lite plan plus unlimited integrations, guest access, Google Apps login, and unlimited archives. The Lite plan is free and not limited in number of users.

If we ever decide to migrate off of Slack there is a clear escape hatch: Administrators can easily download all messages.

As mentioned in the initial announcement email, we have a couple of integrations set up (Twitter, Github, Drive) which are pretty useful.

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In the last billing cycle, we had 11 billable users in our setup.