This weekend has been a blast!

OpenTechSchool is becoming increasingly global, and this weekend has been a milestone to that end. We had Python workshops in three different locations: Melbourne, Zurich, and Tel Aviv.


Melbourne premiered the Introduction to Data Processing with Python workshop in the wonderful Electron Workshop this time around. An interesting twist: They conducted the event in a split fashion, with learners picking from either the new data processing material or the beginners course. One learner commented, “the material was excellent, so were the helpers.” Plus, they had cookies.


Colab, Zurich

Zurich had its first OpenTechSchool workshop ever, the time-tested Python for beginners. The Colab café served as a great location on that sunny Saturday. Participants and coaches alike were eager to have more workshops in the future: “Good coaches, cool location. Looking forward to the next opentechschool workshop!” And it was one of the few Zurich events which actually could get hold of a few bottles of Club Mate.

Tel Aviv

Hamifal, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been jumpstarted by our great core member, Ben, in just about a week. The city in Isreal, our first chapter in Asia, kicked off with an Introduction to programming with Python. “I wish I could learn this way every weekend,” one participant commented.

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