Thoughts on fast-track programming schools like Bootcamp?


I’m at a crossroads where I’m seriously considering something like this. I just got laid off from my job at a small book publishing company (doing editing, layout, copywriting, typesetting) and while I liked my job, I’d been thinking for a while that it wasn’t going anywhere and I should build up some more concrete and forward-thinking skills. Right now my current skill set doesn’t make me extremely attractive; my resume (four years out of college) mostly consists of a couple liberal arts degrees and experience working mostly in marketing and copyediting roles and a few temp jobs. Without any solid connections to help me land another job in that field and no real passion for it, I’m honestly not sure if I should even bother continuing in that direction. I feel like I need a drastic change and ultimately I need to be more employable, and I don’t have another four years to get yet another bachelor’s degree to do it.

Please help.

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