TTO as a service

TITLE: TTO as a service


A friend of mine is a microbiologist for a biotech company. She often goes to conferences to buy technology and IP. There she do a lot of speed-meetings with people from TTO. Once she met with 16 in a day, and one of the agents told he had scheduled over 90 meeting for that conference. This is an incredible inefficient process and often the agents are unable to answer even basic questions about the technology/IP.

I propose to make a TT (technology transfer) as a service.

A online platform where universities and research institutes can market and sell their IP. And a place where buyers can find and bid (auction) on technology.

This will “hack” science and put more money into research.


  • IP/Legal skill
  • Software
  • Interest in making an impact in funding of science



Please add constructive feedback, suggestions, offers of equipment or skills, and gestures of wild enthusiasm as replies below. Thanks!

If this could (also) be a platform to support open source dissemination of scientific discovery it would “hack” science even more… :slight_smile: I think it’s a big problem that the current system only really supports transfer of financially interesting scientific discoveries. It really limits how far science can benefit society. The poorest and most marginalised always loose out.