Activities in Stockholm

This popped up the other day:

Quite exciting! I’m sure, a lot of people in the community would love to hear how it went, how it happened that after a long time there’s new activity in Stockholm and what’s planned for the future.

Who can tell us? @Nader_Al-Ghazu ?

I got back permanently to Stockholm and thought we need to reactivate OTS Stockholm again.
We did many events in 2012/2013 but nothing since then.
This specific event was joint organized with a Bootcamp.
But we can do more in future.
I was trying to reach someone help me get access back to the OTS_STKHLM twitter account. and I got some other technical questions. So who is around these days? :slight_smile:

@Nader_Al-Ghazu That sounds great, welcome back!

I’d advertize a bit on our social media channels to see if there are maybe more people in the are interested in joining the effort, what do you think?

Feel free to DM me with the technical questions.