OTS General Assembly

Is time to organize our annual OTS general assembly!

@Foundation proposal was to do it on 20th or 27th of May.

We will talk about:

  • review old general assembly conclusion and compare with what was done untill this year
  • review of last main news in OTS and in each chapters
  • general feedbacks
  • new goals and how to reach them
    @xMartin is it time to talk about new Election?

To everybody:
This meeting is very important and at least one organizer from each chpater should be present.
We will ask you to confirm your presence.
We will organize in a way that all different timezone will be able to join at leats 1 hour.
Every people can show up in person or remotly.

Anyone has an idea where we could meet?
Should we ask co-up?
It will probably take most of the day like 10.00 - 18.00 (you can join just part of it)

cc: @TeamBrussels @TeamDortmund @TeamZurich @TeamAustralia @TeamLondon @TeamBerlin @TeamHamburg @TeamMilan

ale from team zurich: on the 20th i have another GA in the afternoon and the 27th is the ascension weekend and i will probably will be out in the green with friends…

in both cases i might (or not, depending on how my day will be planned) be able to join remotely at a specific time.

ah! Shade :frowning:
let’s see what most of the people can do and from there we decide

Hey everyone!

It’s Jonas from @TeamHamburg.

On the 20th we are hosting CSSclasses in Hamburg and it is our one year anniversary edition, so we are not really able to join :confused: However, we could maybe join the call remotely on the 20th. I would be available at the 27th and could easily travel to Berlin.

I think, it would be good for @TeamHamburg to be present as we are trying to “relaunch” OTS in Hamburg and do more workshops.


@rachel (which has currently some technical issue and can’t replay directly) can’t do it before the 27th for sure.

I would love to hear more opinions: @xMartin (as foundation and president) how is your availability?
@robert would you be able to do it for team Zurich?
@Ola x Dortmund? @TeamBrussels ?

And how can we reach team in Italy, London, Bristol?

Hi, this is Katja writing from Bristol. 27th is a better date for me, too, could sure attend remotely, perhaps even in person, I’d certainly love to. I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a Germany round trip the last week of May…

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Hey @kdurrani, awesome news!
If you actually plan your trip to Berlin let us know so we can will make as muh as possible to fit the date the time you are here!

If not, let us anyway there will be for sure some OTS meetups running and would be exciting meet you!

@jonas if you would also come… well would be awesome to meet all together! :slight_smile:

I’m traveling on both of these days, so couldnt even take part remotely.

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Are there any news on this topic? Is it taking place next Saturday?

Sorry to not replay before, in the end we decided to move it on September sice we need more time to organize it and prepare the material.

I will write a new post about it soon.

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General Assembly 2017: scheduled!

Find more information here General Assembly and Board Election 2017

See you there :slight_smile: