Application for Hackership Advocates Programme

To apply for the hackership advocates programme, please provide the following information here by replying to this post:

  • The name you want to have displayed
  • your Indiegogo-Account (so we can track your referrals)
  • a picture of you uploaded or linked here with one of the following topics applied to them: pirate, samurai, unicorn, terminator, robot, bear, kitten

Note: To upload your photo you can drag-and-drop a the picture into the post-area or by clicking the upload icon ()

Note: In order to post your details you need to be logged in (click “Log In to reply”). If you don’t have an account yet, still click “Log in to reply” as you can create one the appearing dialogue – it just takes a few seconds. After you’ll be send back to this topic and can post your details by clicking “Reply” on the bottom.

If all that fails, just send an email with the requested information to .

what’s the hackership advocates program?


please see for more information.

@sheley: any question left? Ping us!

@amelie nope! ben sent me a PM too :slight_smile: guess I was up late that night so I hadn’t seen blog post as it was put up after this :stuck_out_tongue:

To reply with your details you will need to login on discourse first.
For those who do not have an account on discourse, you’ll need to create one.
For that click on the blue button "Log In to reply"at the bottom of this page, and you will have the possibility to create an account (it takes only a few seconds).
Then come back to that topic and click on the blue button “Reply” and share the requested details.

To upload your photo use the small icon in the reply box which looks like this:

Sascha Boerger aka Yama Fuschida


Thanks @saschaboerger, you’ve been added to !

Name: Rin Räuber
Indiegogo Account:


@rin: added - see

make sure you are logged in when browsing the indiegogo page. This will attach your referral code to every URL and you can just copy paste it to anywhere else and still get the credit for donations made through it. (Use either the browser-bar or the share-feature. Make sure the URL ends with /x/SOME_NUMBER)