Improving the OpenTechSchool Website

We are looking for helping hands to improve the OpenTechSchool Website.

Would you like to help?
-> Please send us your ideas & feedback by opening an issue on GitHub
-> Anybody that’s interested can help, specially designers, copywriters, photographers and developers.

Our first session will take place on Sunday 6th of March at 1p.m (in Berlin). If you want to join remotely, we are also happy to set up video chat.

We’ll go over content, information architecture, and design. Anybody that is interested let us know :wink:


Cooooooool!! was waiting for this since ages :slight_smile: I’m in!


I’m in, too!

Hello everyone! We’re having our second planning session tomorrow at 11am at Co.up in Berlin. If there is anyone else that would like to join the group, feel free!

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Next meeting Tuesday 15 October, 19:30h at FabLab Berlin. Come by or join us on Gitter

Pre-announcement: We had a good meeting and we’re planning on running two related events:

  • preparation workshop 26 November where we come up with a fresh technical foundation and at the same time concept, design and content work
  • hackathon on 10 December to implement things based on the previous work

Both will take place at the Devolute office in Berlin close to U Schönleinstraße.

@meat147 @ben

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