Blog post about Co-Learning / Hack and Tell / Learners Groups

Hello everyone!

I’m writing a blog post for the OTS blog about Co-Learning, what it is, how it developed and so on.

I’m a co-organizer of the Web Frontend Co-Learning (aka JavaScript Learners Group) in Berlin since its beginning in May 2013 and it developed a lot since then and we’ve learned a lot. I also know of the Python Co-Learning (aka Python continuous learning group), the Ruby Co-Learning and the Rust Hack and Tell that recently joined OTS in Berlin.

I’d love to hear more from similar events in the OTS universe. If you run or ran such a meetup or participated please tell me about.

@ale is running a C++ Co-Learning in Zurich and is currently transforming it into a Learners Meetup. Care to share any details, Ale?