Golang Co-Learning in Berlin

There is some interest in a Co-Learning group for Go/Golang in Berlin. To make it happen we need to find

[x] a day of the week
[x] a frequency of the meetup (e.g. bi-weekly)
[x] a location

For the first two, I suggest everyone who wants to make a suggestion replies to this thread and we use the “like” feature to vote.

The location is a bit more work to find. Nowadays co-up is probably almost booked out constantly, but maybe we can find a slot or another location. Same here; suggestions (and votes) welcome.

We have an as of yet unannounced Meetup here: http://www.meetup.com/opentechschool-berlin/events/228618272/

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My suggestion for the time and frequency is bi-weekly on Tuesday the 3rd and 4th Monday of the month (i.e. alternating with the Python Co-Learning).

Great proposal!

In order to not clash, the OTS Berlin Organisers meeting is on the “first monday of the month, where there is no python colearning”, which would mean it clashes with the proposed Go meeting. Just wanted you to be aware of it.

Thanks for pointing that out. I was unsure how consistent the Python Co-Learning is on these dates. I’ve changed my suggestion to Tuesday. :smile:

We could ask

  • Mozilla - Voltastraße 5 - they have a community space and a Meetup today.
  • FFII - Malmöer Straße. It is a small place but very nice. The Open-Source Meetup and others are taking place there.
  • Be aware of the Underground repository which should receive Pull-Requests after our search.
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Unfortunately I can’t ask them today, since I’m out of town.

I might have missed something, but I believe the Berlin Underground repository is more of a playground for the Social Coding workshop. The canonical source for venues, if you need (or know) any, is the Berlin resources spreadsheet.

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It’s finally happening! Sorry for taking forever.

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Congrats! I already tweeted it :slight_smile:

Hoping for you to write a blog post, soon :wink:

How did it go? Will there be another one?

Uh oh, don’t hold your breath. I’m doing a million things and flaking out on a million more I kinda sorta committed to. I hate doing that. :-/ So I’m not committing to this, but I agree that we really should have one.

Went ok. About five people actually showed up. We already had the second one (in my absence) and I’m about to announce the next one for the coming Tuesday.