Brand new to OTS? Here’s everything you need in one place!

So you’re brand new to OTS, huh? You probably have heaps of questions!
Below are some of our most popular resources, discussions, and support contacts.

We really welcome your questions, but we would appreciate it if you’d read through the links below first.
If you still have questions, all good! You can ask them here by replying to this topic.

###Getting the most from this Community

Community FAQ and posting guidelines
Honorary members (experienced community members who will be able to support you if you get lost)
OTS teams here you can also find the OTS team members in the OTS chapter closest to you

You can find a category for each OTS chapter.
Browse to the one closest to you and get in touch with your team
No OTS chapters near to you? What about create one?

If you are willing to coach in any of our events, you can get in touch with the local team closest to you. and say hi
Some chapters also has a coaches group, feel free to join the group, you will get a notification when we are looking for coaches for the next event.
Also keep an eye on your local OTS forum activities and twitter, those are the place where we most announce new events and call for coaches.

###Organize, feedbacks and new idea
Got a new idea or what to get more involved? Great!
Just write a new post on your local chapter if is more local or on our organising category. We love to hear your idea and your voice, don’t be shy :slight_smile:

###Be official OTS Member
Do you want to support OTS even more? Become a member
You will help us to mantaine the community tools, support local and international events.

Still questions? Feel free to write directly to email directly any admin memebers

###Ready to get started?
Great! Come and say hi

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