Global Community Call

Hello Bristol! :smile:
We will make a Community Call, a call where all the OTS chapters get together and share their last/upcoming events, workshops, ideas or even raise their questions/dubs.

We are doing a big effort to make OTS a stronger community all over the world, it would be great if even one of you can attend and rapresent your chapter!!
here is the event:

Call will be on Google Hangouts on 27.04 at 7pm Berlin time.
If you relaly cannot attend it, you can even just write me some notes about how is going there and anything else you would communicate to us.

FYI: This Call will be done every month around 15th. Chek it out Discourse!

Looking forward to see you :slight_smile:

Somone of your team will be actually able to join us tomorrow? :smiley: