Building an HTML/CSS Workshop

Hi all. I heard about this plannings yesterday at upfront. Ben just added me to the conversation. I am a HTML/CSS advanced beginner (after the above definition :)) myself and I would like to help out as a tutor for the very beginners, if you can need help.

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hej! i also heared about this on yesterdays upfront and found this discussion on twitter now. would like to help out as an many years experienced (but not top-notch-up-to-date-with-all-everything-brand-new-because-right-now-i-don’t-work-in-frontend-anymore-but-mainly-design) css/html coach cat. if you still need people to be around and give help, i’d like to join. you already know when the workshop will take place?

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Hi @qate_oh and @clrcrtq Welcome!!

@anaketa and I decided to have two half-day workshops, one for absolute beginners and the second one for advanced beginners. We need help at the actual workshops and organizing / preparing for them.

The main goals right now are

  1. Write training manual:

@anaketa already laid out the topics, so if either of you can take over a topic or find other CSS experts who can, that would be great.

I am proofreading and editing the English on my own GitHub fork and will do a pull request when I’m done:

  1. Find coaches

@anaketa thinks that we should have an organizers’ meeting before the workshops between 18 and 27 Sept. so if either of you want to set up a doodle for that, that’d be great.

Let me know if you have any questions / want to take on a task :slight_smile:

Welcome on board @qate_oh and @clrcrtq.
So yes as Bettina said and i said yesterday, the idea is to make an html/css beginners workshop (almost done, need review feedback and some latest stuff to write) and than an advanced Css workshop.

Here you can find the material, so you can have already have an idea:

If you already feel to write/edit/comment something in Github just do it :slight_smile:
Otherwise we will have our first coaches meetup, explain/talk with everybody and than work on the material again

Here is the doodle for the first coaches meet up:

The date of the workshop isn’t already set. We will discuss all together and see when most of the coaches are available.


I also heard about this at the up.front meet up. I’d be interested in helping people starting out with HTML and CSS, I’m fairly new to the web dev world, about one years experience building websites, though I have been a Graphic Designer for 5+ years. I have a good handle on HTML, CSS and SASS, I think it would be useful to me helping out others and re affirming what I already know. I’ll fill in the doodle and look forward to meeting everyone soon :slight_smile:


I heard about the workshop when I met @bettina at the last Ultracode. I already helped at the JavaScript for Beginners and think I know enough for the HTML/CSS for beginners. So whenever you need help, let me know. I will be on hollidays until the first week of Oktober, meaning I have some free time :wink:

@ben: The Twitter-Account setup didn’t work for me. Just a blank page in Firefox. Though of addons blocking it, but my “vanilla” chrome shows nothing as well.

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ehy Hi Kaj! Nice to see you again helping out with OTS workshop :slight_smile:
Please fill in the doodle so we can organize for the meeting.
see you soon

A thought from the OTS organizers’ breakfast on Thursday: We need to write in what people need to have installed for the Beginner CSS workshop–Chrome, text editor, etc…

So it seems like Wed, Sept. 25 at 7:30pm is the best time for the most amount of people.

I guess we’re meeting at co.up–can we just squat the JavaScript meetup space? And I assume the usual people @xMartin @Autarc responsible for keys will be there?

So yes, is 25th. I have the space Keys and I’m already organized with Aleks.

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Hello there,

my name is Matti and i’d like to help you with coaching beginners HTML & CSS.
I am a web designer and frontend-developer with a few years experience specializing in the above technologies.
Would be great to give something back to this awesome OTS movement since i attended the very first “JS for absolute beginners” back in July 2012 :smile:

I hope I can make it on the 25th.



HI Matti and welcome (back)!
I hope you can make on 25th as well otherwise don’t worry, we will communicate all the decision here so who couldn’t make it can know everything anyway.

i’m currently sick, but i hope it’ll be better tomorrow. so hopefully see you tomorrow at co.up!

Here the notes from the 1st meeting with coaches:

Html/ccs & Advanced css coaches meetup

People present:

  • Bettina
  • Gio
  • Stefan
  • Kay
  • Jorin
  • Frank
  • Alex

1st workshop - Html/css:

  • form really necessary?? No
    Instead: Social button links (NO plus one!)
    Link–> absolute and relative (menu or external link, social media buttons)

Kay: Presentation Html/css (10’ / 15’) with hw to open console as well! Copy/paste for index.
At the end, give a kind of presentation where everybody can present what they did, why and what is more interest in.

Gio: Cheat sheet Html and Css

Stefan: translation and examples
Bettina: Review English
Jorin: contact page (everyone please help!)

2nd workshop - Advanced Css:
Responsive Design: more deep in float, media query, view port
Selector first-child/last-child --> with table?!
pseudo element
!important, …
Pre compiler: codepen
Cross browsers
reset file

No framework - more discussion
No Animation
No css x mobile

Alex: Transition

Ask participant what they are interest in?

Possible Dates:
12th. Ask for Immoblien or others place.
19th. Ask co-up.

Everybody: Review first workshop and start write second one
For who wasn’t there and still want to be coach, please pick up a task that you would like to contribute, speak with the assigned person and help out :slight_smile:
We need help in particular to create the “stay in touch” page!

You can find all the material here:

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Hello Guys!
I have a big update for you! :slight_smile:
We probably run the workshop on 19th since we found that RailsGirls and PyLadies are making a workshop on the same day so we are trying to make something all together.
That’s will be very cool experience and a good visibility for all the organization/people/IT workshop events.
So i’m worry for who of you said that couldn’t make it on 19th, anyway anything is set up yet, we are still talking with the others organization and still waiting the answer from 3 venue for see who can host us.

I will keep you update!


was nice to meet everyone at the meet last week. If the workshop runs on Saturday the 19th that’s good for me :slight_smile:
I’m planning to go to the up front meet up on Tuesday so if anyone see’s me come and say Hi.


Sry I couldn’t be at the meeting but I’m still interested in coaching. The thing is that I will be at the RailsGirls event on the 19th. Do you already know what the collaboration with RailsGirls, PyLadies and OpenTechSchool will look like? Will it be possible to coach and attend at the same time or should I decide which event would be more fitting for me?

Hi lislis,
the idea with others girls is to have three different workshop, unfortunately in three different place (since co-up is full) but we are trying to find a place near co-up in order to make the lunch and the evening event together (or at least give the chance to make it together for whom want)

But we still didn’t get any answer from any place, so we are still without a venue.
So if anyone know any possible place for host us, please let us know!


Hey all,

I’m writing down this post to notify my envy to participate as a coach for the next events. My schedule is at the moment quite tight but I would be very glad to help you beforehand and then during the event.
If there is anything I can do at the moment, I’ll consecrate some time on it with great pleasure.


We found a place! :wink:
We will run the workshop on 19th in ImmobilienScout!!

We need to create the meetup event now, so please tell me who can coach for sure.
We are almost in time so please answer me as soon as possible, writing here your name!

Unfortunately will be not so pratical jump from one workshop to another, since co-up and Immobilien aren’t so close but we are thinking to make the evening event all together.

So, who can coach?! :slight_smile:

@lhache, @lislis, @Autarc, @Alex, @clrcrtq, @m_besser, @Kaj @qate_oh ?