Github Workshop With Translating CSSClasses

So @bastianalbers and I went to talk to the public library a few weeks ago, and they offered their space to a workshop run by us (after much explaining what we do and what they do). This is great, as it allows us to actually reach people outside our comfort zone (English-Speaking meetup users, to put it bluntly) and engage with our neighbors in a meaningful way.

We’d like to do the CSS Classes Workshop, as that would provide an intro to coding that would actually result in applicable knowledge for the (presumably very junior) participants.

However, we don’t expect them to speak English very well, and the CSSClasses stuff so far is not translated. So we want to do a workshop for translating those, and integrate it with a Github workshop. Simple idea: Take the existing Github workshop, and instead of contributing to the Berlin Underground repo, we’d like the participants to help translate the CSS Classes repo.

A possible date would be the 22nd of November, which is a Sunday. I’ll ask Co-Up whether they’d be up for hosting us.

Action Items: Who’d be interested in helping out? I imagine the workshop to start in the morning with the Github course, and then in the afternoon we’d be translating the thing together. Ideally, we’d have people with commit rights around, so that during the workshop, we can actually get the translations merged (or discussed) right away.

Question: What do you think? Who should we reach out for? Do you like the idea?

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I’m super happy to help out, but will probably only be available for a few hours, because of daughter duties.

I just LOVE the idea to create/improve workshop material in a workshop! I’m happy to help if I have time.

I am interested in helping on that date

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Unfortunately, I’ve made a big planning mistake with my personal time. I can’t be there on the 22nd, and will move the event to the 29th. @chaupois @xMartin @bastianalbers Are you interested in helping out that weekend?

I can also help. I’ll also ask Inka.

Cu soon,


@matthias2342 excellent! I just asked Aleks from co-up for moving the event. I’ll be back in Berlin on Wednesday, and then I’ll actually start organizing some more.

Yes, I am still interested in helping out that weekend

I’d like to coach, too. ( ;

I can also coach!

@christophe @anderspree wonderful. I’ll put up the meetup announcement tomorrow. The room is booked. We don’t have much time for reaching out to people, but I’d say let’s just start and do it with the people we have.

It also turns out that translating Github pages isn’t as easy as you’d think it’d be, so there’s a little technical preparation to be done, and it’s not yet clear how to go about this in the best way:

I’ll try my best to get to this this week, but it all looks rather full :ocean: .

Can you post the link to the meetup?

Thank you,
Cu tomorrow,

No, I can’t. This week has (again) been crazy, and I haven’t posted it anywhere - so I think it’s best to officially cancel it. Sorry.