Html/Css with RailsGirls - 15/16March University Edition

Hi everybody!
Since our last collaboration with RailsGirls had a very good outcome, we thought to do it again!
RailsGirls are organizing a Beginners Workshop make by:
1 day Html/css
1 day Rails

It will be at the Freie Universität Berlin aimed for uni student, on 15-16 March
Here all the details:

The material we have

is already good enough, but we probably need some time to cut out some small part (is too long for the time we have).

So now what we need is you, our coaches!! :smiley:


Hello, I’m free that weekend to coach on the html/css day. Can I attend the rails workshop? or is just for girls :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Alex! Great to hear that!

I guess isn’t a big problem to join the Rails part but let’s ask to RailsGirls. What do you think @ellen?

Hi Alex,

awesome that you want to coach at our workshop :slight_smile:

Yes, as the name implies, Rails Girls beginner workshops focus mainly on women who have never coded before. However, we don’t specifically exclude men from participating :wink: It is just that when we have more applicants than slots (depending on the space the location provides and the amount of coaches we have), we give preference to women without previous coding experience.

Our applications for the workshop are still running, so I cannot say for sure if there will be space, but usually it is indeed not a problem since we have a lot of Rails coaches and the uni provides us with some big rooms. Would you be fine with getting a definate answer in the week before the workshop? :slight_smile:

I would love to help coach, but I’m an HTML/CSS beginner myself, so would be better to co-coach with someone who’s more experienced.



Hi Laura!!
Please check our material in Github and let me know if you still think is too advanced to coach alone. If so, no problem, you are more than welcome to come and co-coach! Any help is more than welcome :slight_smile:

you’re right! looks like I can coach alone :slight_smile:

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I’ll be happy to help as a coach. Also happy to announce that more coaches are needed if i attend related meetups.

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Got time and can join you, so count me in as well :smiley:

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Yey great guys!! Great news.
@bastianalbers if you can actually announce in some others meetup/events will be awesome.
BerlinJs for example?

I’ll try to be at apps.berlinjs on thursday and announce it, i should be there. But where should i point potential coaches so we can keep track who comes? Here? Just ping us on twitter?

Here is the place for coaches and for workshop organization, so yes you should point them here.
Otherwise they can send a msg to OTS_BLN or to our fb page or even to me:

But the best place is this trend :slight_smile:

@queenfrankie @Autarc @Alex @bastianalbers

What about meet next Monday 03.March, around 7.30 to coordinate the work to do and what we are gonna do during the workshop?

Hi! I’m Martin, some of you know me from Hackership batch-0. I’d be happy to coach as well, if you need more people doing that.

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I can do the meetup on Monday. There’s a slight chance I can’t make it because I’m traveling right now and don’t know when I’ll be back in Berlin. But 90% yes!


Hi ellen, yeah that’s no problem at all let me know when you can :slight_smile:

I can make Monday evening, where will it be?

Always need more people :slight_smile:

i’m asking for co-up but seems to be super full on Monday, in case they have no space, someone have other place in mind? That is open after 8?

So guys we will meet at co-up 5th floor (in the small meeting room) at 20.00 on Monday 3th March!

Please come all :smile: