Community Call

Hey Australian guys :smile:
We will make a Community Call, a call where all the OTS chapters get together and share their last/upcoming events, workshops, ideas or even raise their questions/dubs.

We are doing a big effort to make OTS a stronger community all over the world, it would be great if even one of you can attend and rapresent your chapter!!
here is the event:

Call will be on Google Hangouts on 27.04 at 7pm Berlin time.
If you relaly cannot attend it, you can even just write me some notes about how is going there and anything else you would communicate to us.

FYI: This Call will be done every month around 15th. Chek it out Discourse!

Looking forward to see you :slight_smile:

So, someone of your team will actually join us tomorrow? :slight_smile:

Hi @anaketa,

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been flat out, and assumed somebody more senior than myself may respond to you. This meetup is at 3AM Melbourne time, so I seriously doubt I’ll be able to make it, and given the lack of response from anybody else, I doubt they will either, so here’s a summary of the status down here in Melbourne.

After our last meetup for Software Freedom Day in September, we tried several times to pin down a time for a subsequent meetup, but we couldn’t get enough of us available on any one day to make it viable. Finally, in early February, I, @projectgus, @steven and @attlebish, decided (in a private thread; I didn’t notice it didn’t go to the Google Group so you wouldn’t have seen it) to put the Melbourne Chapter into indefinite hiatus unless somebody else was able to help out. I’m not sure whether that help was officially requested or whether we even publicly announced our hiatus. I certainly didn’t do either of these things myself, as I’m still relatively new to OTS and didn’t want to step on the toes of the other organisers before getting a better feel for how the organisation worked. I’d suggested that I could occasionally combine an OTS meetup with one of the Open Knowledge Foundation meetups I run, but haven’t been able to sort that out as yet.

So that’s us, unfortunately. On behalf of the team down here, sorry for the radio silence. Hope your meeting goes well. Will it be recorded?

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Oh, and I’ve not heard from @matthew since September, I don’t think, so I don’t know what his status is.

HI @anaketa & @mattcen,

I’m sorry, I totally missed this until I saw Matt’s reply just now. I’d been skimming the “Community Call” discussions as notification emails came through, but I missed these ones that were particularly directed at us. Thanks for the specific invite, though!

As Matt says, we’ve unfortunately put things on hold down here. Broadcasting that to a wider audience was something I said I would do and hadn’t done, so I’m sorry for that. I’ll put it out more widely today or tomorrow.

@mattcen, regarding seniority, I don’t think we have any particular hierarchy so please feel free to speak up on our behalf any time you would like to. :smile:

I hope the Hangout/Meeting goes well, folks. Will keep an eye out for anything that comes from it.


Hey guys, thank you very much fo rthe answers!
And sorry we didn’t take in account is late night in Australia, it was kind of last minute organisation for us as well.
The update you gave to us is already a lot, thanks @mattcen, at leats we know what’s goign on there :slight_smile:
I will bring your update to the call and yes, we shoudl totally found a way to record these calls, I will bring up this topic as well.

And remember guys, if you need any helps or you have any questions, we are always here for you! I know is bit diffucult from the other part of the words but… hey Berlin is full of Australians :stuck_out_tongue:

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