Csv,conf,v2 - data conference in Berlin - May 2016

I wanted to let you all know about a conference I am co-organizing in Berlin in early May: csv,conf,v2. Its a data conference (http://csvconf.com) thats not literally about CSV file format, but rather about what CSV represents in regards to our wider community ideals (data interoperability, hackability, simplicity, etc.).

The first csv conf was held in 2014 and had a great turnout with a great energy (v1 conf site is here: http://csvconf.com/2014/). Our focus this year is connecting key areas of open science, data journalism, and open government with the wider data software/tools industry. We are a community driven conference to contrast the more business driven 'big data’ conferences. So, we need your help.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Call for proposals: You can submit a proposal at http://csvconf.com. Informal or formal presentations are welcome.
  2. Tell your friends: Please pass the URL/info on to your communities. Follow us at @csvconference
  3. Attend the conference: Mark you calendar and be in Berlin in May. We will tweet out as soon as registration is open.

Please help spread the word!