Deleted topic?

I’ve created a topic that I now understand isn’t part of greater goal here… But did it had to be deleted? I find it very unpolite how it was done as I had a follow up open question there to better understand why it was off topic.

Maybe you could just have moved it to a “offtopic” unlisted category, or something.

Hi @cawas,

we usually delete topics that are off-topic yes. @xMartin informed you that it was not the place for such a discussion and then I deleted the topic to avoid confusion and keep our forum clean.

I am sorry if you felt offended it was not meant to upset you, it’s just that there is no point keeping this around since it is not relevant to our community and even going against our values.

I hope you understand.

I find it awesome you take care of it so fast!

At the same time, I would not see any trouble if you at least waited either I say “cool, got it, go on, proceed” or have gone away from the conversation for like a week or so. My point is the last post was the 3rd one in which I had a question which went unanswered. I can’t even recall what it was exactly, but it’s a really bad feeling to be cut off like that.

Thanks again for such a quick and considerate answer here. I understand if you think that was that, and there was nothing more to be said. Right now, I’m just following up my feedback. :wink:

(no questions asked here, please do feel free to delete this one :fallen_leaf: )