Tone and where and when discussions take place

hi @robert, i know you’re a really great person so im giving the benefit of the doubt here but somehow your tone about who should write what in which thread feels somehow… aggressive in some way. i dont think you mean it that way but you know how things written online can be perceived sometimes. hope you don’t mind i just felt the need to point this out.

@coderinheels was just pointing out that we did discuss this yesterday and to be honest i don’t see what would be wrong with having some of these discussions at least initially in the thread titled “OTS Review meeting” because we did actually spend many hours discussing all this stuff and i feel that should at least be acknowledged and not ignored because many people couldnt be there themselves.

note: ive made a new thread for this to not upset anyone for being off topic:)

Thanks Rachel, I appreciate your feedback! I know this is a heated debate and I’m sorry if I seemed aggressive to you. I’m trying to get a little order into Discourse because if —and everything currently looks like it— we’re going to adopt it as our main tool of communication we cannot let it dissolve into a big pile of mess, with nothing to be found a couple months in.

From my experience with large mailing lists I’m usually wary of threads with more than a couple of replies. This particular thread is now approaching 80 posts, with the initial topic being the organization of the Review Meeting. I’d argue the outcome is too important to get buried in a large pile of “oh noes Hangouts is crap” and “when do we meet? do we meet?” and well warrants a new thread! I never tried to argue you should not post the results, and if I made that impression I’m very sorry.

(PS. I would argue this is on-topic or, because nobody is really interested in our personal misunderstandings, better suited to a PM. Just my two cents.)


Hi you both :smile:
I’m happy rachel open this because as usual when I felt nervous about something i keep for my self and that just doesn’t help me to communicate better.
I also know you Robert are great person and very passionated about OTS and always want to do something good for it but I also feel you should find a better way (in writing) to express your self.
Isn’t the first time that I feel criticare from your words and is just not costructive.
So please let’s try to keep writing, espressive.

Maybe some more emoticons in your posts ? Eheh :slight_smile:


hi @robert, i did in fact begin writing it as a pm but then i thought maybe other people felt this way too and rather than you receiving lots of emails i thought it best to address it in public. also especially in case there are newer members who would feel similarly but feel too shy to say anything, wanted them to see that this kind of issue would and could be addressed and nothing bad would result from it. thanks for being open to the suggestion :slight_smile:

also agree w/ @anaketa-- sometimes in heated moments or any moments really, emoticons can help !