DIY Plumbus

Plumbusses! Everyone has a plumbus in their home, but here is how to make a DIY version of it.


R. Sanchez, M. Smith, Birdperson


  • Dingle Bop (smoothed)
  • Schleem
  • A fresh fleeb
  • Some schlamee spit


  • The schleem is sprinkled on the smoothed Dingle Bop. (You can repurpose the schleem for later batches, but you don’t have to.)
  • We then put the Dingle Bop in the grumbo and applied a generous amount of schlamee spit to it. We found it to be very important to rub some fresh fleeb on it, before cutting it. It has to be fresh because it has all the fleeb juice.
  • After shaving the plubus and grumbo away, we got our own DIY plumbus! Hoorray!



There is not much code needed, but compiling this on the plumbus helps to iron out any bumps on early usage


for i < pi(
plumbus(i)= plumbus (i-1)
i = i + pie);



Plumbus user manual (link)
Plumbus professional manufacturing process (link)

Next iterations

Schlamee spit is sometimes hard to find so in next iterations we want to find alternatives that are easier to source. Also the whole process is kinda messy at room temperature, so we will try it again in hotter weather.