Need coaches or other support?

I got some vague offers (via the ad) to provide coaches for our events.

I’d like to get some feedback from organizers what kind of support you’re currently looking for so we can get more concrete. Please describe what kind of volunteer support would help your event.

Would also be great to see a workshop happening again, so if you have something planned, let everyone know.

To event organizers I’m aware of: @ben @chiara @starkcoffee @anaketa @bastianalbers @kiyu_mars @mamhoff @skade @haiko @Mar.High @finnpauls

Hi, it’s look like a little old post, but i hope still actual. I’m working as developer since eight years and i think it’s good time for new challenge. I can help you willingly in the area of PHP or devops.

Hi Gregor :slight_smile: Please feel free to drop by at our Server Side Co-Learning, which takes place every other Monday at co.up :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that and I hope we see you at the next meeting.