HELP WANTED: Communication Strategy

We are try to improve our communication and spread the word more about who we are, our next events and in particular a new program we would like to promote.

Among our main organizer there are many great developers but not so experience in communication so i’m looking for someone expert in communication to help me write down a strategy to imrpove our communication.

Anyone able to help in this field?

I would be happy also if you had experience with similar organization and could share your experience on how you take care of communication

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Currently we have these goals for our communication strategy:

  • Reach people outside of our usual tech-network

  • Easily and quickly reach all our community (i.e. help wanted, new events, …)

  • Increase fidelity within our community. Make our members feel part of OTS community.

So based on that we need to defined which strategy would be the best.
We don’t want to create a huge marketing planning, we want to start small and see how it goes.

I would say we have to keep in mind that:

  • We don’t have full time nor part time people working on communication rather various volunteer individuals
  • We focus on quality rather then quantity. We don’t need thousend of members, we instead need to make our community stronger.
  • If just the organizers share a post, we already have a good network.
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Talking with different people expert in communication and with other associations similar to OTS, we draft possible ways to improve our commnuications.
I’m gonna write them here as reference and open to feedbacks.

For the time being, these strategies apply to individual city.

  • Create a list of contact people directly connected with groups, organizations or commnuity we would like to reach (students, artists, cultural minorities, …)

  • Send out a monthly communication to external contacts list, giving them an overview of the monthly workshop and how they can get involved. Also asking to share with their community.

  • Create a list of coaches. That will include already coached and wanna be coaches. We believe a good and open tool for this is Github (reach everybody will be easy as @ OpenTechSchool/coaches) i.e:

  • Find the best way to easily contact all these coaches when new coaching opportunity are available.

  • Create a list of organizers.

  • Find easy way to contact these list of organizers in case organization help is needed. Or in case organizers want to exchange organizational informations. (Discourse??)

  • Clean up social media channels. Social media should be just a channel to reach to the main focus. They shouldn’t be the focus. So far we have to many. Is ok if we keep them but we should identify the most important ones for our targets and use just those.

  • Identify a end-point platform. Is basically the place where all the other channels point to and is the one where users easily find answers to their “user-questions”. We think it should be our website.

  • use a social media multichannel tool to easily post on different channel and save time.

  • create some already-ready form and ask during events (co-learnings, one day workshop, …) to take a survey. Even small 3 questions one, can help us tremendulsy.

  • Create a slide with all our important channels and next events, to project during our recurring events.

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