What events and organizations to promote in our channels

Since more people are helping us on our promotion channels we realise that we need clear guideline to help this people helping us :slight_smile:

We get requests frequently to promote events and usually we don’t or only if we know the event and the people behind it well. This is hard to manage so we hardly ever promote stuff.
We don’t want to promote commercial or invasive events but focus on what is good for our users and our network.
But what that means exactly?
How can we understand if a commercial event is still relevant for our community or not?

We would like to meet and discuss about these and more similar questions, see if the rules we set 5 years ago are still valid and true to us or we feel we could make some improvments.

I propose to meet on Thursday evening, 14th June.
How many would be able to come?
And if not, which other date would you be available?

tagging some people that were interested to the topic:
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:wave:, I would prefer if we could just discuss this here asynchronously rather than investing a precious evening. Personally, I’m totally fine with a simple policy of “we don’t promote external events”

I personally think that opentechschool could be a very valuable tool for channeling information about tech events that some people in our community might not have access to otherwise. For many we are the place to start in the world of tech, it might be helpful if we could also show them what’s happening outside. Obviously we need to be careful with the type of organisations that contact us - we don’t necessarily want to be a free advertisement channel - but I think it is good to promote hackathons, events that have a charitable/social purpose.

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I haven’t seen some of you in quite a while, so I’d be happy to get together and discuss :slight_smile: The date works for me.

Tagging @haiko @MisterRios @alvaro @nicolai

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@chiara thanks for tagging more potencially interested people.

I know we are all very busy and with a full calendar but the idea of meeting in person came actually from the fact that we don’t meet since a while and also with the nice memory of when we use to do our OTS breakfast and discuss all these kind of topics.
We were not international at that time but we could do google hangouts for all the people that can’t attend in person. And for sure we write publicly the feedbacks we collects and can still be re-discuss remotely, here.
Anyway, i’m open to both meet and remote discussion.

About promotion i agree with @Ella. We lost many interesting opportunities in these years because we didn’t took good care of public relationship/social relationship.
These opportunities are precious for our community but also for OTS as organisation allowing us to get in contact with people outside of our usual crowd/tech-bubble, which is one of our goals since years.
Also will help us to enroll more coaches and organisers, something we definetely need.

For sure the first open question we have is: why exactly we want to promote/support/partner with other organizations.
And probably we will need some feedbacks from our community to understand this.
Since when Ella is helping us, we already got some interesting contacts which will be beneficial for OTS, and as i see it, this can just get better :slight_smile:

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Anyone what to gives more feedbacks?
Should we meet or keep the discussion here?
Please let us know!

FYI: we don’t meet on the 14th June.
We’ll postponed the date proposal till we will have more feedbacks.