How to become a Foundation Board member

Now, that we have explained what the Foundation Board does, let me briefly explain the process of becoming a board member.

The board is elected for two years. It (as it stands) consists of three members, one being the chair person.

As the chair person, you are legally allowed to sign contracts in the name of the foundation. Otherwise it takes two signatures to sign in the name – thus the other members can overvote the chair person. In general the board hasn’t signed anything unless there was consent in the entire team.

Anyone can become a board member, you technically, don’t need to be a (paying) member of the foundation.

To become a board member, you need to candidate at the general assembly (invite follow soon) and get a majority vote. If you can’t make it to the meeting person, you need to have your candidacy as well as that you are accepting the position stated on paper and hand it to the board beforehand.