How to create new slides for OTS?

Hi there,

I am writing some learners’ guidelines with @starkcoffee like we have for coaches:

I see a Keynote template here:
Are they available in any other format?

I’m usually on Ubuntu.


Hi Bettina (@bettina),

there is a gitrepo with some presentations, that can be run in a Browser:


Hey @bettina,

I could convert the keynote template into a ppt(x) and maybe an odp if you want.


Thanks @ellen and @staeff !

For now it seems like I’m doing a learners’ manifesto ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) instead of a slidedeck…so we’ll see how it works out.

Otherwise, the browser-based slide template will work. Thanks again!

FWIW there is also an archive of talks given from various OpenTechSchool members over at — maybe these can serve as inspiration.

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