Possible interest in Presentation training

Hello OTS-ers!

I am curious about your attitude towards learning how to think, structure, design and deliver talks and presentations.
I have my own blueprint that I use in courses and in an online training that is called Presentation Hero. Most certainly I am available to open source it and share it with OTS community.

Since I don’t see anything similar I am just wondering if this type of training is within your scope.

Looking forward to a conversation with you.

More info: http://preshero.co


I’m no presentation lover nor freak, but I’ve learned a thing or two about them.

I think your slideshare covers all the basics indeed (and I don’t like such long lists), and maybe that’s why nobody have tried engaging a conversation here - everything have been said.

I would still add very few details, that you probably already cover somewhere anyway. They’re either details or important aspects for an even better presentation, in my humble opinion:

  • Know your audience” is key. However, I think for an ideal presentation the story aspect is even more important than knowing your audience. In other words, making a good film or even a play is the ultimate presentation. A good story will reach all audiences. This is a point that brings to a few important details you haven’t mentioned directly:

  • As such, avoid words in the slides, since you’re already talking it’s better to have illustrations. At most, very few titles to work as a guide, never as reading material. I think you’ve applied this quite well, even if it could be improved with drawings.

  • Not only get material you know about, also get to know your whole presentation by heart, just like you would if you were doing a play. You should be doing a play and be able to present without even looking at the slides. Don’t rely on wifi or apps, make it all local and only demo videos at most. This again, re-enforces the “story” aspect.

And thank you for sharing your great summarized blueprint! :slight_smile:

All that being said, I hope I’m not being too intrusive in giving a small feedback to your website… I think you should drop the “subscribe” and “join” spammy buttons everywhere! So annoying. :sweat:

Thank you so much for your feedback!

If I read correctly you seem to assume that the lack of interest from the group is due to the fact that this presentation advice is “already general knowledge”. You may be right on this point. But I would add that it is quite rarely applied.

I go to a lot of tech meetups and conferences and while I love all presentations and all presenters, too many tech presentations have terrific content wrapped around atrocious structure, slides and terrible delivery.

I agree with your points and I cover a 14 step approach to storytelling in my course. I only feel the need to push back on the point about knowing the whole presentation by heart, word for word. This is not something that the beginners will be able to apply in their first years of doing presentations and is a gift that is usually possible only for those who have the privilege to deliver the same presentation more than once. I suggest to my students to have the whole structure of the presentation memorized. In this way you achieve the same goal that you highlight (independence from tech problems) with less pressure.

Sorry for the spammy popups. Unfortunately they work :-/

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I’m afraid not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it is “general knowledge”, I wouldn’t know. I actually think your presentation advices are so complete that there’s too little to add.

I wanted to add those few points precisely because I missed you mentioning them (from what I’ve seem), and because nobody else have came forward into engaging a conversation, since that’s what you asked. :wink:

I would agree the “word for word” memorization is meant for who will deliver the same presentation more than once indeed. So glad to know we are all basically on the same page… Yet, back to my point of “you’ve said it all, there’s no conversation to be had”. :frowning:

Except for those pesky popups! Maybe they deserve a different topic, if you will… -->

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Thanks cawas, now I get all your post in a totally different light :sunny: :smile: Sorry for misinterpreting it.

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