How to reach Meetup organizers

I recently got asked how to reach the organizers of a specific event (a regular Co-Learning in this case). I wasn’t sure what to answer and would like to address this. Would be nice to easily find out who is an official organizer for each event and have an accessible way to contact them. isn’t helping us much because the just have a list of all organizers in a chapter. And I guess you need a account to contact people.

Any thoughts on that?

I would try and find a way to have a visible link to a sticky Discourse thread with some instructions on how to contact existing meetup organizers or what to do if one wants to do other things like start a new meetup, or promote job posts or conferences, etc.

Would be good to have a page for every meetup we do as doesn’t allow that the way we use it currently. I wanted one for the Web Frontend Co-Learning for so long… Never knew where to put it.