IoT workshop - Berlin - 17.03 - applications open

We are organizing a full day workshop on Internet of Things with Micropython. You can apply here.

Suggestions of how to reach diverse audience mostly welcome!



Hi Mei Li, what kind of audience do you wish of this workshop?


Hi Ella,

I would like to reach out to teens, uni students, immigrants, people that are not into tech community and might be missing out these opportunities. Regarding experience and gender I think we are already reaching a diverse audience. Of course the workshop will be mainly held in English, which kind of limits the target group.


What about create an event on facebook? Try to invite people by posting it onto different groups - especially for teens and students. I can help sharing it.

Hi Ella,

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I think you are totally right,
unfortunately, I am not at all into facebook, we do not have an account
even and since we kind of reached the limit already, I skipped. So no age
diversity :(, anyway thanks again.