Spring Boot workshops in Berlin

Hey everybody,

I was thinking about doing 1-2 h one time Spring Boot workshops after which people will have basics that let them continue with technology on their own. I would cover service creation with HTTP API that would be deployed to Heroku, with connection to DB, DB schema versioning, profiles, configurations etc. Prerequisite would be of course Java knowledge. Based on how many people want to participate I can try to organize some friends that could help during workshops.

What do you think about it ? Would you be interested in this kind of event ?

Hi pkafel,

There are three things required to organise such an event:

  • tutorial/workshop material (either created for the event or existing material with a suitable license)
  • time and space (We can provide you with a list of places to contact.)
  • description for the event on Meetup

If you provide those, or find people to help with them, I can create the event on Meetup. We also have a more detailed description of how to organize a new workshop on the OTS website. However I am not sure it is still up to date regarding the use of mailing lists to find coaches. But it seems you already have that part covered. I would be interested in attending this workshop as a learner and as a “co-host”.

We can also discuss this further in person. I will attend these two upcoming OTS Meetups:
Python Co-Learning
Go Co-Learning


Hey haiko,

Thanks for reply. Will try to get to one of mentioned meetings so we can talk about the idea.