Let's micro hack

A few months back me and my pal Paul Nelligan started our little “Micro Hack Days”: Every once in a while, we took the Saturday afternoon to come and hack together in some public place. It was fun and productive, but quickly we realised it would be nice to have more people there to hack-a-long and chat with. So beginning of October we decided to institutionalize this a bit more and make a public meetup under the OpenTechSchool umbrella. Last Saturday we hosted the first “official” event and it was … splendid!


Not only did way more people show up than we would have expected (the drop-off rate on meetup events in our experience is between 25-30%) but it was also a pretty great group of various people and we are very happy for having opened it up that way. And it always very motivating to have people around you work on stuff, too. So we decided to keep it up and already have 22 (!!!) people RSVPing yes for tomorrow. If you are interested, join the Group, rsvp to the meetup and tag along for some productive side-on-side hacking and helping each other. We gonna do that every Saturday afternoon now.

By the way, more photos here.

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