Open Co-Learning Advent edition

I heard a lot of good feedback about the last Open Co-Learning in October. Let’s do another one. How about

Saturday 26, one day before 1st Advent with some candles and Lebkuchen

15:00h seemed good last time.

Who’s in?

@ben @nicolai @mamhoff @chiara @meat147 @anaketa @skade @haiko

I can’t make it, won’t be in town :frowning:

I’m up for it!

Let’s not do 26 November because we want to do a website workshop that day. So any other day/weekend?

3 December?

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I’m in, either day :slight_smile:

I’m up for it. But we need to start advertising it soon!

Just checked with Aleks and Co.Up can only offer us the lounge on 5th floor plus the meeting room. 3rd floor and office room 5th to the right are booked. I can confirm if that’s sufficient.

P.S. I will be out of town that day :frowning:

No, it’s not - we had a pretty full 3rd floor the last time we did the Open Co-Learning… Another date, or another venue?

@anaketa is going to ask Devolute, the office where we want to run our website hackathon events.

3 Dic is not good for me, unfortunately because i would really like to join the event. But i’m sure we will do it again so it will be for the next year :slight_smile:

Waiting for devolute answer…

So Devolute said they can do it.
They can aslo make a keys copy for us if we want to do many events (i would say, let’s do these events and then if everythiings goes good, we talk again with them)
But they want someone taking the responsability of the keys, and they would prefer if i would be this person (just because we know each other already)
But i cannot attend the event on the 3th Dec… what do you think?

3rd would be better for me then the 26th, though I can’t come to long, I have a examination on the next day.

Sorry for the late response. I can also only come on December 3rd.

Good news people! Devolute would be super happy to host us. About the keys they say they are ok giving to 2/3 different people they would just like to meet those people and have a chat with them so they know who we are.

So i would say, somone that is quite involved in OTS events organisation(i mean different OTS event, not just this one) of them and is willing to take the responsability can just tell me and i will put in contact with them.

So I guess we’re positive we will work out the keys for 3rd December so we can announce the Open Co-Learning for that day, yes?

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Meetup announced:

@haiko, @skade: I’ve signed you up as coaches, too and therefore added Go and Rust as topics we are covering \o/ ! If you can only come a part time or not all, please tell me, so I can update the information accordingly.

Unlike previously mentioned, I decided to do it at Co-Up in the fifth floor because of logistics. I still need to confirm the reservation with Aleks from co-up but considering the timeliness of the matter, I decided to announce it already still.

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Co-Up is confirmed. Closing topic.

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