Etherpad for OpenTechSchool

Hey everyone,

just writing to let you know, we have our own instance of etherpad running allowing us to quickly draft emails and work collaboratively on any kind of short text based documents. Just create a new document and share the link with anyone, you want to have in the loop (for e.g. by posting it here on the forum or sending them an email).

You can find it here:


I was about to ask about that. Great Great Great!!!

Is the etherpad down?

yes. for about since we moved discourse now … so … 9 months? You are the first to mention it is missing :wink: .

Even longer ago now… But we started to work on this years SHD again and found that one of the pads had some very usefull information.
Is it all lost? :worried:

As etherpad only holds stuff in memory, it looses everything by every start (which was one of the many issues I had with it, as it kept restarting). So I am afraid even with the image-file, we won’t be able to recover this. I’m sorry :frowning: .