New learning group for Elixir

Hello everyone,

we’ve got a few (ten-ish) people together who are starting a regular learning group for (the language of) Elixir here in Berlin.

At this point, we have no dedicated coaches or learning material, as we are all more or less beginners in this particular language, but some are experienced in other languages. The format is hands-on, as there is already a regular meetup with talks and networking etc.

@rachel mentioned we might join one of the less busy co-learning groups at first to see how it goes and if there enough interest for a dedicated group. We could probably get a room at one of the employers of the people involved eventually.

  • Is anyone else interested in this?
  • Is it okay to make this an OTS event?
  • Any pointers who we should get in touch with regarding less busy groups?
  • Can we use this discourse topic to organise the first event(s)?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

All the best,

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Hey Christoph,

this is very interesting. I hereby invite you to join the Ruby Co-Learning if you want to, or otherwise be of any help.

I think we’re having our next Organizers meeting next Monday (the 14th). Why don’t you drop by?

@xMartin I can’t find where it’s happening and iirc you were on some list as organizer. Can you help out?


You’re correct, it’s on the 14th and I’m the organizer. Haven’t organized it yet :slight_smile: Stay tuned.

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Excellent, thank you very much! I’ll join you on the 14th then. The next Ruby Co-Learning is scheduled the week after anyway, if I understand that correctly.

Looking forward!

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Hello everyone,

I am interested in an Elixir study group.
Did you manage to start a group? If not, are you still interested in doing so?

@defsprite Did you manage to start the group?