There will be any workshop/training about the Ruby?

I’d like to emphasise that I’m a big fan of ruby language :slight_smile: And of course I was wondering if there is any training or meeting in Berlin that I can go? I have found in this group that there will be some workshop about the Python, well it’s nice as well but what about the ruby? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @wolfedales - are you Pawel Grzesik on meetup? There is this suggestion about having a Ruby meetup. If thats not him, you should contact him and team up for this.
Also Aleksandra Salvaterra, who is attenting the frontend colearning, is running a ruby workshop soon at co-up: Introduction to Ruby Class.
The ruby class is not an OTS - Event, but maybe you can connect and make a proposal to run a ruby class or workshop with OTS.

Hi steaff,

Yes, I’m Pawel :-). It’s really great that there is a Ruby meetup. Unfortunately I cannot join this weekend but I will keep my eyes open now. Will contact to Aleksandra, maybe next time I will be there as well or maybe even I can say something about Ruby, will see :slight_smile: Thanks for you feedback!


I actually do think that a Ruby Co-Learning meetup would be something quite cool, and something that would fill a gap between RUG::B (The Berlin Ruby User Group, where meetups are great mini-conferences) and the RailsGirls events (Hackdays, Intro workshops, and RailsGirls study groups).

I imagine that meetup as coeducative (while still being a safe space for everyone), and have a low barrier to entry (ie: as a learner, you wouldn’t have to be selected to be able to attend, nor would you need to have or know a study group).

I would not envision this as competition to the aforementioned initiatives, but rather a complimentary offering. If, say, five people show interest - as learners or coaches - I would start organizing something. Raise your hands! :sunny:

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The co-learning thing is really going well. You should do it. By the way, in the Web Frontend Co-Learning we try not to think in coaches and learners categories as this is not a workshop and we all learn from each other and have different skills. But of course you can do it a bit differently, too.


I would suggest to collaborate with Rails Girls, or at least ask if they are interest to. We already did that, actually every time we did something about Rails we collaborate with them and they were very open.
I think also their audience will be happy to have some more on going event.


A big :thumbsup: to both of you for making very relevant points.

Martin: The learning/coaching divide doesn’t make a lot of sense, I agree. I emphasized those terms more to make it easier to identify some kind of camp to identify with. But ultimately, that divide should and will disappear.

Gio: I will, but this post is to gather interest from the OTS community… :slight_smile:

@kiyu_mars would this be a thing for you?

Consider my hand raised! Would be very cool to have a ruby group within the OTS group.

Yes, the learning/coaching divide makes it easier to start I guess. We had that, too, at the beginning I think. I would advice to emphasize that everybody can and will learn and help at the same time, give and get something out of it. It’s a very nice thing.

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I agree :slight_smile: Also I’m not sure how it works at all as I never been on any meetup yet. My skill level is not so high as I’m not a developer and this is just my hobby but I would like to try do something more if possible.

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@wolfedales the idea would be: We weet once every two weeks and spend the evening looking at colored text and talk about it. You can bring your project or problem, and quite possibly there’d be someone who ran into something similar and can help you out - or the other way round; someone comes with their issue and you help them out. It’s really rather straightforward :slight_smile:

@xMartin The idea of learning together is to make that divide disappear, ultimately, no?

Sounds fun!

hi i am max,
and i am also very interested in having a ruby-learn group at opentechschool.
I would put some effort in organizational-stuff, if necessary.
martin told me today at the web-frontend-meetin, that opentechschool would support us with infrastucture.
so let’s get started….



Perfect. I take this as enough interest to get started, and will now reach out to RailsGirls and Rug::B (the Berlin Ruby User Group). Will come back with news next week!

cool, if you need some help let me know!!!


RailGirls have replied:

Hey Martin,

sounds great! We’ll send you people who might be interested

Enjoy coding!

As well, Fairmondo have offered to host us (though co-up could be an option, too). Fairmondo is located on Glogauer Str. 21.

I thought about every second tuesday, from 19:30 onwards.

This thursday is Ruby User Group, and I’ve asked whether we could announce this there. I haven’t gotten a reply so far.

More thoughts?

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hi martin,

they have these lightning talks at the rug:b meetings where anyone can announce or talk spontaneously about anything, so this shouldn’t be a problem. i’ll be there too this thursday so i could support you to present the idea…
about the date: tuesday is my busiest day i have to work until 8 pm & sometimes longer, any other day of the week would be better for me.

Hi @netznarkose, turns out I will need help in the coming weeks. A possibility has materialized that I hadn’t counted on, and I’m going with to Mysore, India from January to mid-feb, so I can’t actually be there in the beginning of next year.

@inthuytion just reached out to me via Twitter to maybe co-ordinate with RailGirls’ current efforts at getting study groups, learners and coaches together, which Ruby Co-Learning might very well accomodate.

Since everything sort of crystallizes around Rug:B and many of us will be there one way or the other, I suggest meeting in Person, on Thursday 18:00, in a nice cafe near DaWanda. I don’t really know the area very well, but thorough research on Google Maps says this might be a good option:

We could just go from there to DaWanda and have it all figured out by then, what do you think?

Great idea @mamhoff. Thanks, I will try to be there (a bit sick right now).

BTW, Is there an interest from your side to announce the new learning group at our Rails Girls Hackday on 6th Dec 2014, too? This saturday:

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good idea to meet in person before rug:b, i will be there at six pm.

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